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Our Heritage of Craftsmanship and Innovation

100 years ago in Louisville, Kentucky, Nathan Rosenblum started a men’s shirt company. He called it “Enro” after his name - “En” for the “N” in Nathan and “Ro” for Rosenblum. The goal was simple: build a better shirt.

Back then, shirts were sold separately from their collars. Enro bucked the trend and sold a complete shirt - a simple improvement, but one that put them on the map. In the 100 years since, we’ve never stopped innovating and improving our shirt game with the world’s first (and best) non iron finish, Forever Flat seams, better fabric technology, unbreakable buttons, and a drop-dead-gorgeous fit.


2019 is full of a whole new Enro. We have a new dynamic fit that looks amazing on every body. We’ve also upgraded every shirt with our Enro-SFv2 non-iron treatment, which isn’t just the best non-iron technology in the market, but it actually makes the fabric 40% more durable.

Lastly, we decided to design differently. We’re committed to cutting down on waste, so we aren’t designing for two seasonal fashion lines like every other brand. We’re designing, weaving, cutting, crafting, and launching a small batch of shirts every few weeks. They’ll always have the same amazing fit, but you’ll always have a new variety of patterns, textures, and fabrics to get excited about.

We’re waking up every day to make sure that the foundation of every man’s fashion - their shirt - isn’t going to fail them and is always ready.

-Enro Since 1919

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