Your Official Neckwear Guide For Fall

Your Official Neckwear Guide For Fall

October 21, 2016

Your Official Neckwear Guide For Fall

From the office to holiday parties, one of the first things people notice from your outfit is your tie. There is nothing worse than sporting a perfectly tailored suit, crisp button-down shirt, polished shoes, and an out of season tie. Though we are believers of year round style, there are certain shades and patterns that are reserved for this time of the year. Don’t get caught making this style mistake and find out the fall trends that will score you compliments.


It is almost unheard of to survive the autumn season without showcasing preppy plaid… and for good reason! Though everyone will be showcasing their love for tartans, you can still join in all the fun and stand out. The Danbury Check Tie In Blue vaunts one of a kind design with cool hues of light and dark blues with a dash of grey. Do this necktie justice by pairing it with a check dress shirt and slacks for next-level professionalism.

Camel Brown

Camel brown is a must-have color to wear for this earth tone-loving season. The Circle & Dot Tie In Camel brings fallen leaves back to life with its humble yet energizing white and blue details. Enhance its color with the Lamont Twill Dress Shirt With Standard Point Collar for eye-pleasing style and amazing texture.


Medallion is your next step away from the classic polka dot, venture out with the Midhurst Medallion Tie in Red! It’s balanced design and burgundy accents are the perfect touch on a collar block white and pale blue dress shirt and dark navy suit. This Italian designed tie will upgrade your suits to high fashion ensemble with ease.


A woman must transition her floral patterns from summer to fall, while a man must always keep an archive of fall paisleys. The Petworth Paisley Tie in Purple is a staple to adorn your suits or spruce up a business casual outfit. Charcoal greys and chocolate browns carry royal purple with sophistication and spiffy style.

Bar Stripes

Blue and orange are always a good idea! The Textured Bar Stripe Tie In Navy sets its sights on fall attire with its rich base color and signature detailing for a smooth knot. To truly embrace the windy season, rock a blue gingham button-up and navy knit sweater with khaki pants.