​Benefits Of Wrinkle Free While Traveling​

Wrinkle Free Traveling​

August 4, 2017

Wrinkle Free Traveling

Whether you’re traveling thirty minutes for your daily commute or have plans of flying outside of the country, we believe in providing you with unrivaled luxury-performance. Our ENRO shirts are all created with five patented technologies to keep you looking and feeling your very best.

Going on a business trip? On your way to your sister’s wedding? Your nephew’s graduation? Let’s face it, no matter how much you prepare for a special occasion, there are factors that are bound to throw you off course. A plane delay, late train, brutal traffic; improvisation comes into play and being equipped with non-iron clothing will save you the headache of when things don’t go according to plan.

Luckily ENRO has a wide selection of non-iron shirts that are engineered with performance technology, in addition to the latest styles. Take a look at the many benefits of traveling with such items and see what other advantages these shirts can bring to your life.

It’s All In The Details

A single glance cannot reveal the expert components that lie in the crafting of our shirts. Conceived in the heart of our workrooms, every detail is composed with the utmost textiles to support an unbreakable bond between man and his attire. Our LUXECRAFT performance features provide you with a classic shirt-tail length for stay-put tucking in, Patented Pucker-Free Technology for smooth seams, double-sewn button holes and a high-stitch count, all play a hand in you traveling with a peace of mind.

Wrinkle-Free & Non-Iron

Our patented LUXECARE treatment bestows your shirts with a premier, performance function, granting you a long-lasting wear. Its exclusive arment finishing technology gives our dress and casual shirts an around-the-clock, spiffy appearance. Crafted with a patented non-iron process, ironing becomes a thing of the past. The Odessa Check Spread Collar Dress Shirt sports a classic check pattern that can be worn paired with khakis or your favorite denim. Let this versatile shirt take the window seat on your way to looking smart casual on those business flights. .


Terrific for hot climates and humid environments or when you just want to be comfortable, ENRO shirts provide you with optimal breathability. Woven from 100% LUXECOTTON, you will barely notice the next time you break a sweat! Exclusively from our ENRO Essentials, the Solid Pinpoint Oxford Dress Shirt is a clever as it as an elegant choice when you’re focusing on getting the job done. The perfect shirt for mixing business and pleasure.


Log staple cotton yarns and a patented fabric finish combine for exceptional comfort and softness with our signature LUXESOFT feature. Elevate your travel with a luxurious feel and a striking look to last you all day. The Beverly Queens Oxford Solid Spread Collar Dress Shirt in Lavender transitions from your work to play like a champ. Its lavender color combined with a Royal Oxford weave, will name you the style all-star of the season.

Wash & Go

From a client trip to vacations, a quick refresher is a much needed element of any trip. The ease of simply throwing your shirt into the washer and dryer, then retrieving it wrinkle-free that needs no ironing is wonderful beyond measure. Our Tattersall Button Down Collar Dress Shirt adapts to any scene. Under a sportcoat, with a tie or just go open collared, you will always maintain a put together appearance. Take pleasure in LUXEWASH’s extraordinary principles and the comfort of knowing that your shirt will perform just as hard as you.