Vintage Style Trends That Still Look Good Today

Vintage Style Trends That Still Look Good Today

August 22, 2016

Vintage Style Trends That Still Look Good Today

Vintage trends add an old-fangled factor to your attire, that sets you apart from the crowd. From the cut to its fabrics, mixing decades and creating a distinct look makes for head-turning style. Wearing retrograde clothing is a movement that even modern, fashion designers can’t resist every now and then. Check out the vintage trends that still look good today and how to pull off!

Denim Shirt

Farmers were the original trailblazers when it came to rocking tried and true blues! Denim has become a popular material that has veered away from mud stained knees to top-notch, fashionisto status. Dressed up denim is a style choice many men are opting for in professional and eventful settings. Our Solid Denim Casual Shirt With Button Down Collar is an on-point pick for laidback settings and even Casual Friday’s.

Plaid Button-Down Shirts

Originally known as tartans, vintage plaids are a nostalgic closet essential that is popular amongst all ages. When worn in the workplace, plaid shirts look swell over chino pants and under a sports jacket or a crew neck sweater. The lumberjack trend is also never-ending one, which is a weekend warrior staple. So the next time you are looking for painless style, check out our plaid selection.

Paisley Necktie

The paisley print can be traced “back to Persia and the Sassanid Dynasty, a period of time that stretches back to around 221AD”. Originally designed on royal clothing and artifacts, the pattern “buteh” resembled a floral appearance. Now the teardrop phenomenon has been spotted all throughout men’s wear from ties to pocket squares to suit jackets as a fashion staple. Our Milano Paisley Tie In Navy is an excellent pick for formal engagements.

Bow Ties

Bow ties have also been modernized to capture a gentleman’s charm. From the average, spiffy dresser to the hottest celebrities, this neck staple has been revived and has no plans on going anywhere. The Silk And Wool Solid Bowtie In Blue makes a modest yet superb statement. Whether you intend to rock it with your signature denim button down or crisp, solid dress shirt, a bow tie will have you looking like a stylish extraordinaire.

Cable Knits

Remember those chunky, itchy sweaters your mom used to layer you in to ward off those brutal winters? Well, now they aren’t as chunky and you won’t feel the slightest itch in our Cable Knit Sweater! Your way, way back-in-the-day, knit sweater has gotten a preppy update that will leave you wearing it over and over again.


Monograms were originally used to as a form of signage by artists and craftsmen. Albrecht Dürer was a German artist who “pioneered a monogram” in his art to trademark his work. Fast forward and now monograms are being used on clothing, stationery, luggage, and any and every gift for Newlyweds. There is something comforting and unique about getting your clothing monogrammed. Classic yet refreshing, there’s no better way to tailor your signature look. You can choose from styles in our Monogram Shop to truly imprint on your button-down shirts.