The Perfect Collar According To Your Face Shape

The Perfect Collar According To Your Face Shape

June 13, 2016

The Perfect Collar According To Your Face Shape

The button-down collar shirt is an iconic essential that every well-dressed man owns. Reigning front-runner style for decades, its archetypal fit and majestic face framing leads to undeniable greatness. A collar shirt is the secret weapon when making pivotal, power moves. So, how does a simple collar possess so much power? It’s all in the details… Read closely so you can be named “Best Dressed” by your office mates.

Angular Face Shape

Does your face resemble a diamond shape with a pointed chin? Or do you have a chin that is shaped like the letter U, with distinguished cheekbones? Solid yes? Join the club! To keep up your suave appearance, inject medium spread collars and wide spread collars to your daily regime. Our Beverly Queens Oxford Solid Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar is the ideal option for men with longer facial lines. Wide knots, including the Windsor, is your go-to knot to add volume to your face.

Oval Face Shape

From the prep-inspired, traditional collar to a semi-spread collar to a wide spread one, you can do it all. The symmetry of your face, gives you a lot of wiggle room to champion all collar types! Every groundbreaking knot is at your disposal, wear the Nicky Knot, Half Windsor, or the Four-In-Hand Knot with your collar shirts if you heart so desires. Although medium-spread collars like on the Tailored Fit-Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar is your best option, a narrow point or wide spread collar will suit you just as fine.

Round Face Shape

Round faces tend to rest on shorter necks, a collar button-down has great potential to help elongate your neck by the help of a crisp cut. On the quest for button-downs and button-ups, search for narrow point collars. This contrasting shape adds sharpness to your face and keeps your suits spiffy! When in doubt, an A+ traditional collar will always honor your face shape. Team the Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With Button Down Collar with knots that fall on the smaller end of the necktie spectrum, the Pratt knot is great for business casual settings.