The Official Pants Of Fall

The Official Pants Of Fall

November 4, 2017

The Official Pants Of Fall

Fall is here. There is no fabric that is more associated with Fall than corduroy, and there is no item more associated with Corduroy than a nice pair of corduroy pants. If jeans or khakis are your go-to work pants, you need to try the fall/winter alternative. Known for its durability, corduroy is perfect for cold weather, providing protection from changing conditions.

What is Corduroy?

Corduroy is a truly vintage textile of cotton or cotton-mix fabric with a raised, ribbed, sheared surface nap, and underlying weave. It is made from woven, twisted fibers which lie in parallel rows or ‘cords’ to form the cloth’s texture. The cords usually have a channel between them and come in several different thicknesses, which are determined by the width of each individual cord, also known as a wale. Now, Wale is a very old word deriving from the Anglo-Saxon word for the raised ridges in a plowed field. The number of wales to the inch can vary from 16 in a needle cord to 8 in a wide-wale corduroy. Generally, the finer the cord, the dressier the look, the wider the wale, the more casual the look.

Why do they call it Corduroy?

One story goes like this…..The word corduroy is coined in England around the late 18th Century as an early form of branding using the French translation of ‘cloth of the King’ (corde du roi). This is perhaps to promote an image of royal quality and to give the English-manufactured cotton cloth an air of French prestige.

At the end of the day the versatility of corduroy is its biggest selling point. Corduroy has a velvety feel making it durable yet soft to touch. It has been used mainly for men’s working and sporting clothing throughout the centuries. Common uses for corduroy today are shirts and jackets with the most common use as casual and dress trousers.

ENRO stretch corduroy pants have the warmth and style you expect, only even more comfortable and easy to move in thanks to a touch of spandex. Dress them up with a sportcoat and tie, or a with a casual shirt and sweater, and look perfect for the season.

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