​The Millennial Generation of Monograms

​The Millennial Generation of Monograms

September 15, 2016

The Millennial Generation of Monograms

A monogram is the inclusion of one’s initials on a garment or accessory. It’s your personal trademark that can be embroidered into the cuffs or pockets of shirts, stamped into the leather of a briefcase or even engraved in a pair of cufflinks. Men’s monogrammed dress shirts are a classic means of personalizing any item, and it’s coming back into style with the millennial generation.

Customizing an oxford shirt is a great way to personalize a professional look without having to add any accessories to the outfit. Here are a few fashion tips taken straight from the millennials themselves.

Begin by Selecting the Perfect Shirt for the Monogram

The color and pattern on the fabric of the shirt can make or break the outcome. If the shirt has any type of pattern, such as a small gingham or large plaid, it will cause the letters to appear obscured by the pattern on the fabric of the shirt. When choosing a patterned shirt, choose one with a uniform color palette. For example, choose a gingham that has darker and lighter shades of purple instead of red and black. This will allow the design to show up more clearly against the fabric pattern.

A solid colored shirt is the best bet for showcasing a design’s clarity. As long as a coordinating thread color is selected for the design, the letters will appear crystal clear along the shirt’s pocket or cuff. In any case, we have a wide variety of monogram-friendly shirts that correspond with any monogram initials.

Monogram Location: Decide Between Shirt Pocket or Cuff

Classically, when designing for an oxford shirt, the monogram is placed in one of two locations. It’s a choice between the shirt’s chest pocket or the cuff along the left shirt sleeve. Each location presents its own statement. A monogram embroidered onto the shirt’s pocket is more straightforward and visible, showing to the world that the man in the shirt appreciates a personalized and fashion-forward design. A monogram embroidered along the cuff is more subdued, appearing only when the man removes his jacket or checks his watch. Either option represents the man’s respect for his surroundings and for his own appearance. More often than not, the choice of monogram location on a shirt comes down to personal preference.

Monogram Shirt Color: Select a Thread Color that Stands Out

Letters are meant to stand out against the color or pattern of the shirt. A monogram is never supposed to hide amongst the fabric. It’s important to select a thread color that not only stands out, but also complements the color of the shirt to which it is embroidered. On pastel colored shirts, an ENRO gray monogram shirt’s stand out without clashing with the gentle pastel shade. For white shirts, navy blue thread always hits the nail on the head. One of our favorite coordinating monograms is a bright red thread against this navy and white striped oxford shirt. These colors have a youthful, fresh look.

It’s key to match or complement the accessories that you are wearing, such as the tie or the pocket square, to the selected thread color. For instance, a red monogram against a navy and white striped shirt calls for a red tie or a different color that corresponds with red and navy, such as gray. When adding colored thread, it’s important to pay attention to the other colors in the mix.

Monogram Letters: Choose Between Block or Script

Monogram letters tend to remain available in two major types of fonts: block letters and script letters. Block is more of an upright font, while script is a type of cursive. This choice comes down to personal preference. However, most millennial gentlemen are using block letters. This type gives a bolder look, allowing the initials to be clear from a distance.

Monogram Shirt Quality: Select a Monogram that Lasts

When it comes to the latest millennial style, monogramming is back in business. For an additional $10.50, ENRO can add a monogram to the chest pocket or left cuff of select oxford shirts. Monograms of up to three characters limited to letters and numerals can be embroidered in block or script letters with the choice of a color like cream white, navy, light blue, red or our signature ENRO grey. Although it takes an additional 8 to ten days to apply a monogram to one of our shirts, it is well worth the wait to have a personalized touch along the shirt cuff or pocket. It’s an added detail that really gets the conversation going in any business or social setting and leaves your mark long after you leave the room.