The Holiday Office Party

The Holiday Office Party

December 9, 2017

The Holiday Office Party

The weather is getting colder, which means the holidays are right around the corner, and with the holidays come the holiday work parties. Some of these are simple parties during the work day at the office, while others are more elaborate events to celebrate the holidays with your fellow employees after hours.

As party day approaches, you might be wondering about what to wear? Not sure? Well, your friends at ENRO have some tips for how to dress for the company shindig.

Tips for picking out your company holiday attire:

Before you head into your closet, confirm the dress code — get a clear indication on what the expectations are and go from there. You can go more formal or casual than the code if you choose, but use good judgment.

If the party is more formal and you’re going to wear a dress shirt, make sure you iron it, or you could just make sure you have an ENRO Non-Iron Shirt and NEVER have to worry about ironing it. A smooth, wrinkle free shirt will help you look clean and put together, and it will show your co-workers that you care about the impression you make. If the party is more casual, than a good choice is the Alexander Half Zip Cotton/Cashmere Sweater in a shade of red that will make Santa jealous.

If the holiday party is during work hours:

Some companies prefer to keep their parties small and during normal work hours. If this is the case for you, then you'll likely opt for work-appropriate attire. Typically, you'll need to stick with the office dress code policy, unless you're provided with guidelines that it's OK to dress differently for the event. I know I can't wait to break-out my ugly Christmas Sweater for the ENRO Holiday Lunch. If that doesn't work for you, then how about the Reunion Check Spread Collar Non-Iron Dress Shirt paired with a Black Tie, the best combination of dapper with a holiday twist. Looking for or working in a more relaxed environment?...then our collection of Casual Shirts should do the trick.

If the holiday party is after work hours:

After-hours holiday parties can be a lot of fun. They give you an opportunity to relax a bit and connect with co-workers outside of the office cubicles, however, that doesn't mean you can forget that you are still around co-workers and at a work function. You want to have fun, but consider that what you wear, and what happens at the party, will be remembered by those you see daily in a professional environment.

This careful balance between professional and fun tends to be trickier, that's why it is better to err on the conservative side. You can't go wrong with the Bedford Solid Spread Collar Non-Iron Dress Shirt in the perfect color for the holidays.

In general, your goal for dressing for a company holiday party is to keep your look classy while also finding ways to show your personality and have fun.

Now, what's the deal with Eggnog?