The Do's & Don't' For Cuffing Your Pants

The Do's & Don'ts For Cuffing Your Pants

October 7, 2016

The Do's & Don'ts For Cuffing Your Pants

The art of cuffing one’s pants is a craft many have questioned for years. When is it okay to cuff your pants and what settings is this style appropriate? Does this form of dress flatter or shatter one’s appearance? We break down the do’s and don’ts for cuffing your pants on the ENRO Guide.

  • Do cuff pants that sport a tapered fit.

  • Do cuff denim jeans! And show off some selvedge stripe for casual coolness.

  • Do pin roll a chino pant, with no more than two cuffs to maintain a sharp appearance.

  • Do take note of your cuff height. The Modern Trail advises you to stick to cuffs that are 1 1/2” if you are under 5/10” or stick to 1 1/3” cuff” if you are over 5/10.

  • Do make a shoe statement. Cuffing your pants is the perfect opportunity to show off your footwear.

  • Don’t cuff boot cut or wide cut bottoms. Too much leg room is a bad thing.
  • Don’t try to wear pants that are too long. Trying to cuff bottoms that still rest at the top of your shoes gives off an unkempt look.
  • Don’t wear knee-length socks with a cuff pant. The rule of thumb is to either wear low socks or leave them in your sock draw altogether.
  • Don’t cuff pants in the cold. Spring, summer, and fall are cuff friendly seasons.
  • Don’t cuff dress pants or trousers.

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