The Best Dressed Cities In America

The Best Dressed Cities In America

August 11, 2016

The Best Dressed Cities In America

For years, international cities such as Milan and Paris have been known to be major influences on the world of fashion and the home to many high end designers. In recent years various cities in America have started to make their mark in fashion. From the more obvious picks such as New York City and Los Angeles, to new up and coming cities such as Savannah and Austin, each one is unique and becoming wildly influential.

Each of the cities listed host their own individual fashion week to showcase how they create and view fashion. However, often these shows are not the best way to experience a region's specific style. This is where the importance of street style comes in. Walk the streets of any of the best dressed cities in America and you will be amazed by the variety and creativity that goes into everyday outfits.

It is this dedication to unique fashion and self expression that landed the following locations on the best dressed cities in America list. Continue reading to learn more about the trends, local style icons and the best areas to visit if you are looking to fully emerge yourself in the local fashion.

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