Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

January 14, 2017

Sweater Weather

Since it's January, let’s talk about sweaters. Specifically, the types of styles and fabrics in which they come. For sweater fabrics, you should be looking at three types; cashmere or cashmere blend, wool, and cotton.

Cashmere is the gold standard of sweater fabrication and the perfect sweater to dress up or down. Buy it in a cable knit and wear it over a dress shirt and tie for a dressy look, or in a simple timeless pattern over an open collared or tee shirt for a dressed down look. A cashmere blend of cotton or wool can provide added strength to the knit without losing the soft hand-feel. If you chose a solid or dark color and take good care of your cashmere sweater, you should get 10+ years of wear out of it.

Wool is the oldest and most common quality sweater fabric. A light merino wool sweater is equally versatile and it can be worn with dress pants or under a sport coat for a dressy look, while a med weight lamb’s wool can be worn with khakis or denim for a casual look. Another great option is to choose a heavy weight and chunky wool that can be worn instead of a coat.

Cotton is the perfect transitional weight for early spring. Great for weekend and casual wear. Wear it over a polo or tee shirt and pair it with khakis or denim and you have the perfect look for those spring and early summer nights .

Lastly, we come to acrylic or acrylic blends sweaters. Candidly, the ENRO Guide is not a big fan of this type of sweater construction. The fabric will feel rough and they just don't hold up as well as natural fabrics, however, if you are on a budget, they are can be a good alternative

When it comes to sweater styles, there are three classic styles of sweaters, the iconic crew, the versatile quarter zip and the timeless button mock. Throw in a shawl collar when you want to get a little fancy.

Just remember, as with all the clothing you buy, make sure the sweater you chose fits…not too tight or too baggy through the body, and not too long past the waist.

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