Style Vs. Trend - Which Dominates Your Closet?

Style Vs. Trend - Which Dominates Your Closet?

May 31, 2016

Style Vs. Trend - Which Dominates Your Closet?

What’s the difference?

Are you trendy or do you have style? While many men refer to being trendy as having style, we are here to inform you that the two have distinct differences.

The adjective stylish is defined by being fashionably elegant, all the while displaying a good sense of design in the art of dress. While a man who is trendy, stays in tune with up-to-minute fads. In a nutshell, style is cultivated by a man’s personal taste, while trend wearers enjoy copying the latest fashions.

Can you have style without being trendy?

Short answer: Yes! It is a misconception that you have to break bank to wear stylish clothes. Modern men have a knack for knowing what fits and cuts makes them look good. Heck! You don’t even have to wear modern clothes to possess style, meaning your threads certainly do not have to be trendy. Personal style is tailored to the individual, from the practice of accessorizing to wearing signature colors. On the other hand, trends don’t always look good on everyone since we all vary in stature and body type.

Don’t get us wrong, trends have dominated each and every one of our wardrobes one time or another – and for good reason! However, the absence of a good eye and knowledge of what makes you look like a boss, will give you that "I try way too hard" look. Hence, we believe that every man should be the master of his closet and develop his own sense of style. Just remember that stylish men don’t follow the crowd. They follow their own senses. So forget about being trendy. Focus on becoming stylish.

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