Shirts Fit for a King: Combining Style, Comfort and Convenience

Shirts Fit for a King: Combining Style, Comfort & Convenience

April 1, 2017

Shirts Fit for a King: Combining Style, Comfort & Convenience

Struggling to find a middle ground between dressing up and dressing casually? Like many guys, you may feel like there's no real happy medium between dressing to the nines and looking like you just finished raking the yard. Happily, you're wrong. With a few basic pieces, you can effortlessly look great and be comfortable anytime and anywhere. Don't believe us? We have a handful of examples that are sure to make you a believer.

Oxford Dress Shirt: Iconic Shirt, Contemporary Styling

The iconic oxford shirt, in either the versatile Newton Pinpoint or the dressier Beverly Queens, is a shirt that never goes out of style. To update your wardrobe seasonally, switch up the colors and patterns. Gone are the days when this fashion staple strictly appeared in the office and on awkward first dates. The trend toward slimmer, tailored fit oxford dress shirts is a true game-changer, and the fact that there are more fabrics, patterns and performance features available helps too. In one fell swoop, the right dress shirt can give you the well-dressed look you need, without reducing your comfort one iota.

Casual Shirts for Go-Anywhere Comfort

At long last, casual dress shirts can be worn with practically anything without eliciting raised eyebrows from onlookers. Of course, that's not to say that any shirt will do. For casual, convenient, comfortable style, you can't go wrong with a few of these stylish casual shirts paired with dress pants, a tailored pair of dark wash jeans or khakis. Don't be afraid to throw a few surprising styles into the mix too. Bright colors? Contrasting patterns? Yes, please!

With these simple shirt style ideas you can lay the foundation for a wardrobe that lets you step out the door looking stylish and feeling comfortable without having to devote more than a minute or two to planning what to wear for the day. When it comes to building upon these pieces, the possibilities are endless. Have fun!