​Retailer Spotlight – Van Boven

​Retailer Spotlight – Van Boven

November 12, 2017

Retailer Spotlight – Van Boven

ENRO is available in over four hundred of the finest specialty stores across America, here is a look at one of them…..

Anchoring the architectural delight that is "Nickels Arcade," Van Boven has been a respected haberdashery in Ann Arbor Michigan since its founding by Peter Van Boven, Sr. in 1921.

Mr. Van Boven captained the University of Michigan Baseball Team during the 1921 season. Following his graduation, Mr. Van Boven went into the Menswear retail business and became the premier provider of quality Men's Clothing that has endured for three generations.

The "Van Boven" name has always stood for quality and excellent service in Ann Arbor. Though styles have changed over the years, Van Boven has evolved with those changes to remain a relevant destination for those seeking fine quality men's apparel.

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