Retailer Spotlight – Roger Stuart Clothes

Retailer Spotlight – Roger Stuart Clothes

July 23, 2017

Retailer Spotlight – Roger Stuart Clothes

ENRO is available in hundreds of the finest specialty stores across America, here is a look at one of them…..

Roger Stuart Clothes has been in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District for over 50 years and remains a family-owned business. They sell only 100% wool suits and tuxedos along with a selection of slacks, dress shirts (Including of course ENRO), sports coats, and ties. Roger Stuart will not sell anything made from synthetic fabrics (a.k.a. polyester). They stick strictly to natural fibers (like wool and cotton) because synthetic materials “don’t breathe” making suits and shirts hot and uncomfortable to wear. Natural fibers are also much more long-lasting. As a manufacturer and supplier, Roger Stuart is able to offer discounted prices for suits that retail at double and sometimes triple the price in department stores and boutiques across the nation. It’s a favorite among local city and county executives and a certified BargainsLA hot spot!

Come explore why the famed men’s store is considered the “hidden gem” of the LA Fashion District.

Nothing beats the experience of shopping one-on-one with a knowledgeable sales associate. Use our store locator to find a local ENRO retail partner near you:

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