​Retailer Spotlight – Jurgens & Holtvluwer

​Retailer Spotlight – Jurgens & Holtvluwer

October 1, 2017

Retailer Spotlight – Jurgens & Holtvluwer

ENRO is available in over four hundred of the finest specialty stores across America, here is a look at one of them…..

Jurgens & Holtvluwer in Grandville, MI, has had a storied history among West Michigan shoppers as a store where people came to expect superior customer service and “top shelf” quality apparel. Originally located on Grandville Avenue SW near Clyde Park Avenue, the Jurgens & Holtvluwer stores have had numerous locations in the Greater Grand Rapids Area over the past hundred years.

Roy Jurgens Sr., started the business with partner Henry Holtvluwer in 1912. Don Jurgens Sr., carried the torch and passed it to his son Steve Jurgens. Steve and his son Heath Jurgens now own and operate the fourth-generation family business.

Heath Jurgens has been a visionary business man in the Grandville and Jenison Area, not only overseeing an internal transformation at the Jurgens & Holtvluwer store, but also contributing to a more vibrant business culture in Grandville and Jenison.

Whether you are looking for a casual yet classy look, or preparing for a big event, Jurgens & Holtvluwer has everything you need. Their huge selection for Business Dress Wear keeps you looking good during presentations, meetings, and all your business interactions. They have tailored suits, blazers, trousers, shirts, ties, belts, accessories, and of course ENRO Shirts to make you the envy of the room.

Nothing beats the experience of shopping one-on-one with a knowledgeable sales associate. Use our store locator to find a local ENRO retail partner near you:

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