​Retailer Spotlight – Coats Clothing Company

​Retailer Spotlight – Coats Clothing Company

August 27, 2017

Retailer Spotlight – Coats Clothing Company

ENRO is available in over four hundred of the finest specialty stores across America, here is a look at one of them…..

At Coats Clothing Company in Florence Alabama, they are the Suit Store Of The Shoals. Not only do they have the best menswear, they also offer the highest quality at a great price. They have been serving customers since 2000, carrying such brands as Hart Schaffner Marx in Suits, Sport Coats, Blazers, Dress Slacks, and outer wear and of course they carry ENRO shirts and pants, offering the best performance in the classic Non-Iron dress shirt.

They take pride in providing a family friendly atmosphere and wide variety of clothing. From summer to winter, they can offer the best of what the season has to offer. Coats Clothing Company will meet your specific requests or help you discover the perfect outfit for your occasion. Whether you’re outfitting only yourself, you family, or your wedding party, they can accommodate you. Stop by when you make your way into historic downtown Florence, and let them help you look great for a price that’s hard to beat!

Nothing beats the experience of shopping one-on-one with a knowledgeable sales associate. Use our store locator to find a local ENRO retail partner near you:

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