Patterns Are the New Black

Patterns Are the New Black

May 26, 2016

Patterns Are the New Black

If you are like many men, your wardrobe revolves on the most common stand-by, black. Long has this "non-color" reigned as the king of men's fashion. Black has always made a statement. Lately, however, there is a challenger to the throne: patterns are the new black. You may have heard that prints are not masculine or difficult to wear. Perhaps you have always felt that they were unprofessional. We are going to dispel a few of those myths.

Black Is Not As Slimming As You Thought

A common misconception in fashion is that black is slimming. Black actually stands out and it will draw the viewer's gaze. It is infinitely more important to have a proper fit. A well fitted shirt with a pattern like the ones we have at ENRO can not only help you appear trim, they will command the attention of those around you helping you to appear more confident and authoritative, giving people the impression that you are in charge and reliable.

A pattern can also do something that one dimensional black outfits cannot: A pattern can draw the eyes upwards to your face. Layered underneath a jacket, sweater, vest or blazer a patterned shirt will stand out and be noticed. Having clothing that is visually stimulating can help you to focus attention where you want it. Not hiding in the shadows of obsidian and having a strong presence is more slimming than anything invariant black can do.

Patterns Are Easier To Match

If you are like many men, you probably believe that matching has to be exact and that you can only have one pattern. With black colors this is true, black is notoriously hard to match with itself and sometimes other colors. "Is this a blue black or a reddish black?"

A pattern, however, contains a variety of colors or shades. Whether the patterned item has a bold color palette or a subtle variety of color, it is simple to choose a coordinating piece in a color that matches or compliments to assure that you have an aesthetically pleasing presence. Gone are the days of monotone pairings. An outfit with a pattern shows personality instead of conformity.

Coordinating an outfit with multiple pattern choices for a greater visual impact can be just as easy. One rule to remember is that a bold pattern must be paired with a subtle pattern. Another tip for dressing with multiple designs is to keep them in the same, "family." Tonal colors such as a navy blue print with a slate blue print or tan prints with brown prints can be a simple way to add interest to your look. Print choices in the same pattern family such as a basic check with a multiple check print are another great way to dip your toes into the pattern combining pool and the contrast this creates, pulled together with a chic tie or other accessory, is a winning combination.

Patterns Can Define Your Outfit

First impressions are often the most important. The focus of men's fashion is no longer monochromatic solids and bland neutrals. Now the more powerful day to day looks contain stimulating pattern choices. The right pattern can make a confident statement from the first instant.

A pattern can convey that you are there for business or that you are relaxed and confident in your environment. The classic stripes or a subtle check can be a dynamic addition to your professional wardrobe. A bold plaid can make you look more approachable and casual.

A wide selection of patterned button down shirts, in particular, are a strong foundation to your wardrobe. Easy to dress up or down, a patterned shirt can look great under a jacket and vest with a tie, or with jeans. The patterned shirt is truly the pivot point of any man's outfit.

Patterned clothing can be an adventure in expressing yourself. If you have previously avoided the pattern trend and wish to take your look to the next level in men's fashion, ENRO has many choices to pick from all in our patented non-iron, high quality fabric. From the tonal pinpoint Oxfords to the plaids and checks, you'll find a look that is you. Now is the time to say goodbye to uniformity and start standing out like you were meant to.

Remember, we want you to look your best and be comfortable, so start mixing and matching it up.