New Season, New Wardrobe- Style Tips to Refresh Your Look this Spring

Style Tips to Refresh Your Look this Spring

March 4, 2017

New Season, New Wardrobe- Style Tips to Refresh Your Look this Spring

Spring is known as a time to declutter, take the old and replace it with the new and ultimately with the goal to achieve organization in all areas of life. A good place to start is your wardrobe. It’s time to start transitioning out of the colder weather pieces and bring out lighter styles. You do not always have to keep up with all the trends but investing in a few key pieces, that can carry through the season, will keep your looks fresh and up to date. Whether to buy new shirts or experiment with a new fit here are some men’s styling tips for Spring 2017 and how to incorporate our new Spring 2017 ENRO collection into them.

Update Your Shirts

Decide what you want your color palette to be and get ones that can accent the rest of your wardrobe. Whether for work or for casual wear, for creating a layered look or wearing a shirt in a traditional manner, a new shirt in different styles and color always help amplify your Spring wardrobe. Try the Newton Pinpoint Solid Oxford in Yellow or Alford Check Spread Collar Dress Shirt in Green. Either way ENRO will give you plenty of choice, making it easy to get the exact design touches you are looking for.

Layering for Men

Layering is a big trend in men's style for 2017. Yes, layering isn't only for fall and winter. By placing certain items of clothing together through layering, you can achieve an entirely new look, as well as getting further wear out of pieces that look either too worn or outdated on their own. Layering lends itself very well to shirts, especially casual shirts like our ENRO Preslar Button Down Collar Casual Shirt brushed cotton shirts. Another way of styling a shirt with the layering trend is instead of a blazer or sportcoat over the top, the shirt can be worn with a track jacket or hooded full-zip on top for a casual look. Experiment with tops, shirts and jackets to see what layering style suits you.

Tuck in the Shirt

Whether to tuck a shirt or T-shirt into trousers for a casual look is a bit debatable, however it is something that has slowly begun to filter down to street style. So the trend of men going un-tucked may be going away. When tucking in a casual shirt, be sure to wear a belt for a more aesthetic look. A Hancock Button Down Collar Casual Shirt pairs well with our Pleated Front Performance Non-Iron Cotton Khaki Pant in Tan

Cropped Trousers

Spring is the perfect time to try out the cropped trouser with no socks look. If you are trying to rework certain pieces in your wardrobe, then a straight leg or skinny pair of black jeans or chinos can be turned up to achieve the same sort of style. Team this with a casual shirt and it makes for a relaxed and on-trend outfit.

So color up that wardrobe for Spring in any of our ENRO non-iron Pinpoint Button Down or Beverly Queens Oxfords from our Oxford Shop...add some pattern with the Amherst Check Dress Shirt...go to the head of the class with the Harvard Stripe...or redefine Office Summer Friday's with our Casual Shirt collection....and remember, for those Big&Tall sizes, we have you covered.