Men's Fall Fashion Trends

Men's Fall Fashion: 5 Colors to Wear This Fall

November 9, 2018

With the dog days of summer behind us, it's time to break out the long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jackets. This year, men's fall fashion trends include lots of rich, bold colors that are bound to help you make a statement.

Here at Enro, we've put together our top picks for the best colors to wear this fall:

Poppy Red

If you're looking for a bold color to help accessorize your Enro dress shirt, you might want to add a stunning poppy red tie to your collection. This distinctive shade is a cross between a pure red and pink, which means it complements formal and casual pieces equally well.


A unique color that's sure to be all the rage this season. With notes of gold, bronze, and a deep mustard yellow hue, Meerkat embodies fall style to a tee. It's reminiscent of autumn’s natural colors and it pairs perfectly with rich chocolate browns and olive greens.

Nebulas Blue

Who says men's fall fashion needs to be drab? This year rage against long, dark autumn nights by sporting this stunning shade of cobalt-blue. It's described by Pantone as being "reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue". That’s extremely fitting, given that the name for this in vogue color means "an interstellar cloud of dust and gases".

Spiced Yellow

Yellow has been a trending color for a few years now, and this season is no exception. Spiced yellow is a solid choice for men's fall fashion trends because it's a warmer, richer shade than the yellows you see during the spring and summer. Think deep mustard tones with a splash of gold. Spiced yellow looks great when paired up with classic blue denim, making this color a popular pick for weekend wear. It can also work well with burgundy, another fall favorite, making it a great color to mix with a bold pair of casual pants.


Pink is one of those colors that hit the men's fashion scene with a big bang a few years ago, and it's proven its strong staying power. Look for shades of pink ranging from a soft, barely-there pastel mellow rose right up to a bold, brassy fuchsia shade that makes a real statement as an accent piece when paired with one of our metallic-toned dress shirts.