How To Neutralize Your Closet

How To Neutralize Your Closet

June 2, 2016

How To Neutralize Your Closet

“Nature is neutral.” – Adlai E. Stevenson II

We say go with nature! The trick to truly maximizing your closet is to invest in a wide range of neutrals. The fashion industry salutes shades of black, white, beige, khaki, grey, and brown for its ability to match any and every color under the sun.

Neutrals have earned its unrivaled rep for helping men put together sharp style. Whether you are manning the desk at your 9 to 5 or are meeting with the guys for drinks, adding these all-around colors to everyday settings, and off-hand hangouts, is a no-brainer.

Colors and Neutrals

You can’t go wrong with mixing colors and neutrals. These calming hues are anything but ordinary, they function as a canvas that amplifies added color. The subtle contrast between light hues including seafoam, soft blue, lavender, and pink; paired with a neutral tan or stone is seamless and is especially pleasing to the eye.

Our Tailored Fit-Lilac Dobby Stripe Dress Shirt With Enro Spread Collar and Flat Front Performance Non-Iron Cotton Khaki are a spiffy match made in heaven as far as we’re concerned. The ultimate takeaway from building distinguished looks with neutrals is its compatibility with warm and cool colors. So don’t be afraid to be bold with rich reds, fiery oranges, brilliant yellows, and even shamrock greens.

Combining Neutrals

So, if the rule of thumb is that neutrals can be sported with any color, do neutrals count? Absolutely, one hundred percent! Another killer reason to stock up on these complementary colors is being able to wear them together. For on-trend excellence, let these multi-talented shirts steal the spotlight by experimenting with tone-on-tone outfits or a classic color block for well-suited style.

Our Beverly Queens Oxford Solid Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar in white teamed with the Flat Front Performance Non-Iron Cotton Khaki in stone, worn with a grey sports jacket is as effortless as it is classic. Complete it by wearing a brown textured belt and boat shoes. For special occasions add a patterned tie to spruce it up. When the summer sets in, cool down by wearing all white and break it up with some polished, black footwear.

Mixing Textures

Last stop, textures! Any man can agree that the soft feel of his button-down shirts to the luxe quality of its fabric, is the key to a long-lasting and prosperous wardrobe. The unique crispness and all-day wear of our dress shirts is what sets them apart from the rest, and there is no greater feeling. We can assure you that mixing textures will take you to another level. The next time you go out for the weekend, step out of the box by wearing a tan or olive leather jacket and suede chukka boots. For nifty spots, wear a linen shirt with cotton pants. For your next perfect fit, visit Enro!