How to Dress One Suit Three Different Ways Just by Changing Your Shirt

How to Dress One Suit Three Different Ways Just by Changing Your Shirt

June 15, 2016

How to Dress One Suit Three Different Ways Just by Changing Your Shirt

Don’t Shed Your Suit for Warm Weather

Just because the weather is getting warmer, you don’t want to give up your polished appearance. Keep the suit, but don’t wear it like a suit. Wondering how you can do that? Simple, be creative with your shirt. You’re most likely thinking that a guy needs to dress differently for different occasions. You need to dress for a date, for the office, for a wedding, or many other events. The way to vary your appearance is with your selection of the shirt you wear with the suit.

Change Up Your Collar

ENRO has many designs and patterns of dress and casual shirts to transform your suit. But have you ever considered how changing up the style of your collar can change the style of your suit? Our Newport Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt with Button Down Collar is perfect for closing the deal with that coveted client and transitions easily to happy hour by simply unbuttoning the collar. Try a pink shirt with a gray suit to add a pop of color to a classic suit with a modern touch.

Our Tailored Fit-Pinpoint Heather Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar In Gray will give you a more casual look that is perfect to layer under your favorite suit. Take off your jacket, unbutton the top two buttons and roll up your sleeves. It’s perfect for that impromptu weekend trip to the lake.

Looking to really dress down a classic suit, go for patterns! ENRO’s Dobby Gingham Multi Check Dress Shirt With Standard Point Collar is a classic, that easily dresses down a formal suit with a feel of “I’m going sailing this weekend” to it.

Classic Formal

Think Bond, James Bond with some modern twists for that special occasion. We suggest either our ENRO Essentials Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With Standard Point Collar & French Cuff or the more traditional Pleated Tuxedo Shirt With Point Collar & French Cuff. You can finish off your look with one of our solid, patterned or plaid bow ties. If bow ties aren't your thing, you might try our Lavender Solid Tie, or one of our patterned or plaid ties for a smart pop of color.

New Twists on Classic Trends

Finally mix up your suit with a casual twist. Gone are the days of only wearing solid shirts with your suit. Yes, that’s right. You can wear a suit and still look off-the-cuff with our selection of ultra-smart casual shirts. Don’t be afraid to play around with plaids, checks and herringbone ENRO Casual Shirts to dress down your suit. Feeling like really stepping up your game? Try a french cuff like our Queens Oxford Dobby Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar & French Cuff that peaks out of your classic navy blue suit to give it a bit of modern style.

Design Principle: Make It Your Own

If you’re headed from the office to happy hour, closing a business deal or attending a formal event the rules of suits have changed. So whether your preference is shaken or stirred, there’s an ENRO shirt that can change that one suit you love. And remember, with, finding quality in men’s performance shirts is not a daunting task, and the effort is well worth it. The result will be one suit that can be worn three different ways just by switching up your shirt.