High Performance People Wear High Performance Materials

High Performance People Wear High Performance Materials

May 2, 2016

High Performance People Wear High Performance Materials

Stylish Men Remember That the Materials Matter

Think of the most classically stylish men in the public eye today: George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and other trendsetting gentlemen. What do these fashionable men all have in common? These men may be rich and famous, but even if they didn’t have their fame and fortune, they’d still strive to keep the best fabrics and materials among their wardrobes. When it comes to fashion sense, these men have excellent taste, understanding that it isn’t the trend that makes the look, but the overall quality of the pieces.

High performance materials give any wardrobe a more polished and streamlined look. The quality and natural sheen of an ENRO shirt adds a sense of shine to any man's demeanor. From the office to a night on the town, ENRO shirts keep performing, resisting wrinkles and stains, wicking away sweat and remaining soft and comfortable all throughout the day and night.

Stylish Men Choose an Intelligent Fabric

Ironing can damage clothes over time. The direct contact of the iron’s high temperatures against clothing fabrics can fade colors, degenerate the structure of the fabric and even scorch the garment if the iron is set too high. For this reason, avoiding the iron as much as possible is a wise decision. Whenever he can, the stylish gentleman should choose his shirts in a high performance 100% cotton fabric that is resistant to wrinkles.

What’s another thing that George Clooney, John Legend and all of those other stylish gentlemen have in common? They all know how to stay cool. Even if they’re standing in the hot sun, we never see a photograph of them breaking a sweat. That’s because they know how to choose breathable fabrics with natural cooling tendencies. No one wants to show up to an important event or office meeting covered in sweat.

ENRO utilizes the most intelligent fabrics available to make our shirts. In fact, we hold the patents to six innovative fabric technologies that make our shirts the most wearable they can be. All of our 100 % cotton shirts are completely resistant to wrinkles. Our fabrics incorporate a new breathability technology that keeps cool in every kind of weather, wicking away sweat and moisture throughout the day. Additionally, every ENRO shirt utilizes our LuxeGuard technology, a fabric coating that protects against UVA and UVB rays year round. Our shirts protect and provide a polished look for every gentleman who wears them.

Stylish Men Consider the Buttons

One item that’s always overlooked is the button. Shirt buttons hold your whole look together. Without buttons that look great and are built to last, the man’s style will suffer.

A double-sewn button hole like the one on every ENRO shirt prevents fraying in the long run, keeping that streamlined look all throughout the day. Our buttons are crafted to be the best, utilizing top-of-the-line materials that won’t snap in two.

Stylish Men Examine the Stitching

The stitching of a garment is yet another detail that is so often overlooked. Men who select high performance materials for their wardrobes examine the stitching of the garment before making a purchase. A shirt sewn with a single needle that incorporates a high stitch count is a high performance shirt. Our shirts are crafted using these meticulous techniques.

Stylish Men Don’t Neglect the Tie

High quality and performance materials should continue into the accessories, such as the tie. No stylish gentleman can go wrong with a tie spun from fine silk. A fine silk tie ensures a smooth knot, which is almost as important as wearing the tie itself. Silk ties provide a natural sheen and polish to the overall look while draping in a clean, straight line and showing its natural textures beneath different lighting. Silk resists creasing when knotted and unknotted, lasting through the years to create polished look after polished look. These qualities make fine silk ties stand out above ties made from synthetic fabrics that tend to crease and take a limp shape when knotted. For bow ties, a silk and wool blend is the most desirable high performance material combination available today. The addition of wool to the silk fabric ensures that the bow tie holds its shape when tied, keeping the crisp bow knotted for long periods of time.

Our handmade Italian ties are crafted using 100 % silk and provide a strong finish to any gentleman’s outfit. We make our bow ties in a silk and wool blend to ensure a strong knot every time. Our ties are available in a variety of vibrant color and pattern combinations. Whether it’s in the office or out on the town, wearing a tie spun from our high performance silk is the icing on the cake.

Stylish Men Wear ENRO

Our high performance fabrics and materials stay polished under any circumstance. Whether an ENRO gentleman is in the office or out in the sun, he’ll remain stylish in our breathable, wrinkle-resistant high performance fabrics. ENRO shirts and ties are the most versatile choice available for any modern gentleman.