Guy Code - The 5 Rules of Accessorizing For Men

Guy Code - The 5 Rules of Accessorizing For Men

May 24, 2016

Guy Code - The 5 Rules of Accessorizing For Men

Guy Code is the ultimate code of conduct that outlines a gentleman’s behavior, speech, and demeanor. When the infamous Bro Code is thrown around, the way a man dresses seems to become an element that is long forgotten. In all manners of the Guy Code, the clothes a guy chooses to suit up in should be given much thought. Simplicity is the motive, but for those of you who have never given your accessorizing situation much thought, let us break it down.

Suit Statement

Birch Box concurs that when wearing a suit, you should keep the add-ons to a minimum and decide between a lapel or pocket accessory. To avoid overdoing it, rock a single ring, bracelet, or watch. Your suit alone will put you in the limelight, so don’t make others turn the other way at the sight of accessory overkill.

Color Code

From neckwear to metropolitan map bags, you want to wear colors that coordinate with one another and are pleasing to the eye. Whether you prefer the matchy-matchy trend and choose to wear your belt and shoes in similar hues. Or you decide to opt for wearing neutrals and sporting different shades of olive, grey, or khaki on each accessory. Be sure that your colors of choice are cohesive.

One and Done

Don’t overwhelm your everyday uniform with extra embellishments. Abide by the guideline of only wearing one accessory per body part. One ring per hand, one watch or bracelet per wrist, and so on. Why? Because all an accessory overload accomplishes is giving you a false ideal of fashion sense. You never want to give off the trying too hard vibe.

Pattern Mix

If patterns are your game, then you are going to want to take this word of advice. When mixing different patterns, the size of your patterns should never be the same. Bow tie kind of guy? Wear the thin stripes on the lavender Worchester Stripe Poplin Dress Shirt With Enro Spread Collar with a larger plaid bowtie like the Silk and Wool Check Bowtie In Lavender. Ties more your speed? Select the Newton Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With Button Down Collar in blue and the Textured Fine Line Stripe Tie In Navy. This combo works because the light blue in the tie matches the base of your button-down.

Less Is More

A good rule of thumb when accessorizing is knowing the value of each stylish supplement. Even after following the One and Done rule, you can always do less. The more is never the merrier when style is concerned.