Getting To Know Dress Shirt Fabrics

Getting To Know Dress Shirt Fabrics

October 28, 2016

Getting To Know Dress Shirt Fabrics

If you’re a true ENRO man, then you are already familiar with our six patented technologies that are applied to our dress shirts for a long-lasting wear. We take pride in providing your dress and casual shirts with exclusive non-iron technology, a luxurious hand feel and superior breathability! Quality materials are key when stitching together classic style. Get to know the handsome fabrics that will be taking over your closet in no time!

Melange Twill

Popular for its multicolored yarns, Melange Twill is created with two or more fibers to achieve a healthier appearance. A frequent practice is dipping the fabric in multiple dye baths, “so that each fiber will only absorb certain dyes”. This process is also referred to as cross-dyed fabric. The Derby Melange Twill Check Casual Shirt With Button Down Collar bears a sharp check pattern and barrel cuffs to be sported for standing ovation style.


Dobby fabric comes in many different shapes, textures, and sizes. Mostly woven, dobby fabric can mirror the thickness and weight of broadcloth, while others are similar to jacquard materials. Dobby dress or casual shirts are also known for their faint patterns, which usually matches its base color. The Fall River Dobby Check Dress Shirt With Standard Point Collar wears a muted, pink gingham pattern with throw it in the wash, toss it in the dryer, and wear potential!

Oxford Cloth

Oxford Cloth shirts are made up of symmetrical basket weave, granting your upper with an enduring texture. A close relative to the Pinpoint Oxford, the Oxford Cloth wears a denser weight and a looser weave. We named our exclusive Oxford cloth the "Beverly Queens Oxford" because it is the royalty of shirting and the very best we have to offer. Our Beverly Queens Oxford Solid Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar champions a close cut that moves with you and compliments your body. Its signature texture pattern is a fine mix between classic design and contemporary cool. Dress up your Oxford Cloth with a suit or conquer the collegiate denim look for casual settings.

Pinpoint Oxford

Although Pinpoint Oxford and Oxford Cloth share similar properties, a Pinpoint wears a lighter thread and tighter weave on its sleeves. There is no shirt more iconic than a Pinpoint Oxford Dress Shirt with a Button Down Collar and the anchor to any man's closet. Our Newton Fall Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With Button Down Collar is not only a great example of a Pinpoint at its finest, with its patented ENRO technologies imbued in its every fiber, it is by far the best performing shirt you will ever own! This versatile dress shirt pairs with a tie for a refined style or with a pair of chinos for true casual excellence.


Poplin fabric is made from plain weave fabric, offering you crisp, wrinkle free clothing for a confident wear. Poplin fabric naturally has a long life span as its flat finish gives your dress shirts a “rigid in structure, yet smooth” material, decreasing your use of the iron. Our Springfield Poplin End-On-End Dress Shirt With Standard Point Collar brags a classic fit and with a sturdy frame for preppy attire.

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