Five Tips For Big & Tall Men

Five Tips For Big & Tall Men

December 2, 2016

Five Tips For Big & Tall Men

As a Big & Tall man, your shopping experience can present many obstacles. What should be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, can easily turn into a stressful and tedious chore. You find yourself settling on clothes that do not truly fit you or end up spending too much on a tailor. We’re happy to introduce our Big & Tall Collection that offers you clothing that understands your body type. Check out our tips for buying the perfect fit and get familiar with a few of our suggested styles.

Horizontal Lines vs. Vertical Lines

The general consensus is that horizontal lines compliment your frame oppose to vertical lines. Vertical lines tend to elongate your upper in an unflattering manner. However, a thin pin stripe teamed with a sport jacket or cardigan can kick this old tip to the curb. If ever, you reach for vertical lines, try our Bengal Stripe Dress Shirt With Button Down Collar In Navy.

Sleeve Length

It’s time to take out your handy dandy measuring tape! The way you’ve managed to memorize the numbers on your license plate or social security card, you must also know your sleeve length measurements by heart. You can either go to a trusted tailor or do your measurements at home. A sleeve too short looks like you haven’t updated your wardrobe since college. While a sleeve too long will give you an unkempt appearance.

Cuffing Your Pants

To cuff or not to cuff your bottoms… That is the question! We gave you the inside scoop on The Do’s & Don’ts For Cuffing Your Pants, but did you know that this can control your height appearance? It’s true! Cuffing your pants can give the illusion that you are shorter than you actually are.

Tailored Fit

Baggy clothing is the enemy. You never want to look like you are swimming in your dress shirts or trouser pants. A slim fit makes for clean hemlines and a tailored look. From business to pleasure, a slender fit that moves with your body is always the way to go! The Franklin Double Faced Twill Casual Shirt With Button Down Collar wears an on-trend sportswear fit that can easily be worn out or tucked in.


Cotton and wool tends to shrink, however, polyester and acetate do not. Your best bet is to purchase preshrunk clothing to avoid the misfortune of spending a fortune. In addition, our LUXEWASH consists of a patented stain release finishing inside the collar and cuffs of every non-iron shirt. Our dress shirts guarantee a long life span and vibrant color for many washes to come.