Fall Neckwear Guide

Fall Neckwear Guide

September 22, 2017

Fall Neckwear Guide

Nothing ties a look together better than well-coordinated neckwear (ties together, get it). Just like swapping out the shorts for cords and polos for sweaters, your neckwear choices should change as well. Here are some of our favorite ties for this fall.


Stripes can often make your look just the right amount of businesslike. Seasonal colors like orange and burgundy are quintessential fall options. The [Heather Multi-Stripe tie in orange]( and Sheffield Stripe in burgundy are perfect choices.


A pattern often lends itself to styling simply around it. With a bolder tie pattern, the simpler the shirt needs to be, so a solid shirt would work best. The simpler the tie pattern, the easier it is to pair it with a pattern in your shirt. You can read all sorts of pattern-pairing do’s and don’ts, but the rule should always be: if it looks good, it works. The Canal Check tie in burgundy and the Osborn Ovals in blue are all the simple patterns you need for Fall.

Dark Colors

While it's true that dark colors in the navy, black and charcoal family are seasonally agnostic, the fall season is really the best time to start breaking them out. Not only does a dark tie look great under a dark suit for a dressy look, they look equally at home under a charcoal V-neck sweater and some dark denim for a smart office casual friday. The New Solid tie in navy and the Nevis Neat tie in charcoal are your dark and dressy friends.

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