Every Man Should Own At Least One French Cuff Shirt

Every Man Should Own At Least One French Cuff Shirt

July 26, 2016

Every Man Should Own At Least One French Cuff Shirt

French cuffs done right, make a grand statement that depicts dominance, strength, and cultured class. When it comes to formal settings and monumental occasions, they should be the standard choice as far as we’re concerned. Dress shirts with French cuffs wear sartorial style with sharpness and ingenuity, and yet they offer so much more. Improve your wardrobe with our signature button-down shirts for a superior wear.

What is a French cuff?

It's a double cuff that is folded back and secured with cufflinks for a sophisticated appearance. They are easy to assemble and add a classic detail to your overall look. There is much debate on the origin of it. Many reference periodical records from the 1600s, “that mention jewelers marketing ornamental cuff links for unprecedented values.”

In spite of this, others claim that the “French cuff and cuff link combination gained tremendous popularity due to an appearance in Alexander Dumas’ classic book ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’” Nonetheless, the style has caught fire and is here to stay.

Dress it up

From black tie events to outdoor weddings to extravagant galas, this style of men’s dress shirts are breed for celebratory events that require elegant wear. The Pleated Tuxedo Formal Shirt With Point Collar & French Cuff wears a high-performing two-ply cotton fabric for fine quality.

Sporting an 80’s inspired, extra-long staple, this dress shirt dons classic style on its sleeve. Made for all-day wear, get ready to show off this non-iron button-down for picture perfect greatness. From sun protection to breathability, our E-Luxe Performance Technologies will bestow your shirts with high-performing features to keep you feeling confident.

Dress it down

Although many men reserve French cuffs for upscale events, they can absolutely be worn for less formal settings. Contrary to popular belief, this style has a place in your office, a night out on the town, and your other favorite stomping grounds.

Wear the Queens Oxford Dobby Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar for off-the-clock shenanigans by wearing them with a refined blazer, chino slacks, and loafer shoes. This is the perfect transition outfit to sport from work, as you dive into nightly hangouts. If you choose to wear them with jeans, make sure they are dark washed with a slim cut. We advise leaving the tie and tie bar for another day!