Dressy Denim: The Art of Dressing Up Your Jeans

Dressy Denim: The Art of Dressing Up Your Jeans

May 6, 2016

Dressy Denim: The Art of Dressing Up Your Jeans

Denim is a time-honored material that has defined itself as an American staple, a pioneering work of versatility. True blues wear a charismatic construction and a genuine charm. No wonder style experts have taken a liking to integrating its ruggedness with tailored looks. When done right, jeans can create genteel looks that can be worn in dressier settings. Scroll down to see how to take your bottoms to the next level.

Blazing Blues

Sporting your jeans with a top-notch blazer is a dateless trick. Give this uniform a slight update by wearing it with a Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt and add a grey V-neck sweater when the weather gets cold. Remember to go for dark washed jeans and top it off with a navy sportcoat. Brogues or Wing tipped shoes will bind it all together.

Plaid Fad

The nostalgic checkered pattern on the Canton Textured Plaid Casual Shirt and slick, black jeans makes for archetypal dress. Pair it with a Red Solid Tie, and a deep brown belt. Excellent for casual friday, and just dressy enough to be worn to those off-hours office gatherings.

Denim on Denim

Make a declaration of denim by wearing it from head to toe! Just take special care to make sure the denim isn't all the same color and wash. Our Solid Denim Casual Shirt paired with the Silk And Wool Check Bowtie and a pair of midnight blue jeans will give a dressy denim twist to any occasion.

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