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Our Approach to Better Fitting Men's Clothing

June 25, 2019

How A Men's Dress Shirt Should Fit

We designed our new Dynamic Fit shirt model from 14 points of measurement creating a better fitting shirt. The industry average is only 8.

What that means is less floppy fabric all over making you look like you’re wearing your grandpa’s hand-me-down outfit. Our men's button down shirts are trim where it needs to be, but don't restrict your movements.

It's the best looking fit on the market.

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The Enro Dynamic Fit

Our dynamic fit men's dress shirts is the result of a year of meticulous fit testing and refinement. We redesigned it from the ground up, resulting in a shirt that makes you look amazing.

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Always Ready: Our second generation of our non-iron treatment formula. Care really is as simple as: wash, dry, wear. An added by-product of the SFv2 non-iron treatment is that our fabrics have a 40% stronger tensile strength, so you’re not going to be wearing through the elbows anytime soon.

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Built With Our Dynamic Fit And Second Generation Non-Iron Tech. The best fitting shirt without having a tailor. We went the extra mile to make sure you'll look great in our button down shirts. You're Always Ready With Enro!