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Fused or Canvassed?​

Fused or Canvassed?In the market for a new suit or sportcoat? Remember that there are two methods to constructing the jacket. The most commonly used method is a Fused jacket. As the name implies, a

​Retailer Spotlight – Jos. Kuhn & Co.

Retailer Spotlight – Jos. Kuhn & Co.At Jos. Kuhn & Co. they are proud to be serving Champaign/Urbana IL and the surrounding area for well over a century, in fact, they are one of the longest

Retailer Spotlight– Fussell’s Shop

Retailer Spotlight– Fussell’s ShopIn 1936, Norman Fussell and his wife, Billie, had the dream of opening their own store. From that dream, Fussell’s Dry Goods opened on Main Street in March of that

​A Style History: Monogramming

A Style History: MonogrammingEmbroidered monogramming first appeared in the middle ages as a way to identify clothes at communal bathing facilities (picture). By the early 17th century, monogramming

Sweater Weather

Since its January, let’s talk about sweaters. Specifically, the types of styles and fabrics in which they come in. For sweater fabrics, you should be you should be looking at three types; cashmere

​The proper way to pack a suit for a business trip

The proper way to pack a suit for a business trip1) Fill the suitcase with your other clothing items until it is almost full…leave out a couple pairs of rolled socks2) Turn the suit jacket inside

Five Tips For Big & Tall Men

Five Tips For Big & Tall MenAs a Big & Tall man, your shopping experience can present many obstacles. What should be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, can easily turn into a stressful and tedious

Shirt Collars and Cuffs, Explained

Does your daily outfit feel like a uniform? Can you get dressed in your sleep? Do you always receive the same shirt as a gift? (There is such a thing as being too easy to shop for!) If you answered