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Great Gift Ideas For Dad

It's time to show all the dads out there some love. Like, a lot of love. Because if we're being honest, that one (official) day of the year when we're supposed to celebrate them, doesn't come close

Remembering The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen

Retailer Spotlight – Milton’s-The Store For Men

Retailer Spotlight – Milton’s-The Store For Men"You'll be as comfortable in our stores as you'll be in our clothes."That's their motto at Miltons The Store for Men. But it's far more than just an

​Retailer Spotlight – Wein's Men's Store

Retailer Spotlight – Wein's Men's StoreWein's Men's Store has been serving the needs of the well-dressed gentleman in Butte, Montana and Southwest Montana since 1906. In that year, when copper

The Last Minute, Yet Still Amazing, Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Special Mother's Day Guest Post From Our Sister Brand FoxcroftThe Last Minute, Yet Still Amazing, Mother’s Day Gift GuideShe raised you to be resourceful and think on your feet, so we’re sure she

​Retailer Spotlight – Fiddler's Green

Retailer Spotlight – Fiddler's Green The Largest On-Course Golf Pro Shop in America. The Whalen Family purchased Fiddler's Green in 1976, and since that time have turned it into one of the finest

The Gentleman's Guide To Wearing Pink

The Gentleman's Guide To Wearing Pink.Warmer weather calls for lighter colors making their way into your wardrobe. Pink at one time was considered a very feminine color only worn by women; it is now a

​Retailer Spotlight – Two Nineteen Main

Retailer Spotlight – Two Nineteen Main Two Nineteen Main is located on the southern end of beautiful Flathead Lake in downtown Polson, Montana. One of the finest clothing stores in Western Montana