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​The Millennial Generation of Monograms

A monogram is the inclusion of one’s initials on a garment or accessory. It’s your personal trademark that can be embroidered into the cuffs or pockets of shirts, stamped into the leather of a

7 Ways To Spend Less Money and Look Like You Earn More

If shopping were a women’s sport, then men would be left in the dust! According to Boutique @ Ogilvy, a “poll of 1,232 men aged 18 and up found that they spent an average of $85 per month, compared

​How to Dress Up a Short Sleeve Shirt

Summer time makes most people think of barbecues, warm nights and cool treats. For some, it also evokes panic. How can I stay comfortable and still dress to impress? Most men believe that there is a

Vintage Style Trends That Still Look Good Today

Vintage trends add an old-fangled factor to your attire, that sets you apart from the crowd. From the cut to its fabrics, mixing decades and creating a distinct look makes for head-turning style.

The Best Dressed Cities In America

For years, international cities such as Milan and Paris have been known to be major influences on the world of fashion and the home to many high end designers. In recent years various cities in

​Throw Away Your Iron: How Non-Iron is Taking Over

We live in an age where robots clean our carpets. A world where we can access the answers to all the knowledge of the world on a tiny computer in the palm of our hands. Cars are being developed that

Every Man Should Own At Least One French Cuff Shirt

French cuffs done right, make a grand statement that depicts dominance, strength, and cultured class. When it comes to formal settings and monumental occasions, they should be the standard choice as

Why Cotton Should Be The Top Fabric In Every Man’s Life

The king of fabrics is none other than authentic cotton. Its long-lasting, breathable material perfects your everyday style with luxe quality and ease. In fact, of the men’s clothing made from