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What's the Difference Between Khakis & Chinos

Do you call them chinos or khakis? These two terms for everyone’s favorite casual pant have become interchangeable. But it wasn’t always this way.The term chino derives from a fabric type made in

True Blue Classic Picks To Wear

True Blue Classic Picks To WearThe color blue symbolizes confidence, strength, wisdom, and even authority. No one can resist its notable allure and calming effect. No wonder this color is the most

Getting To Know Dress Shirt Fabrics

Getting To Know Dress Shirt FabricsIf you’re a true ENRO man, then you are already familiar with our six patented technologies that are applied to our dress shirts for a long-lasting wear. We take

Your Official Neckwear Guide For Fall

From the office to holiday parties, one of the first things people notice from your outfit is your tie. There is nothing worse than sporting a perfectly tailored suit, crisp button-down shirt,

The Lux Polo | ENRO + Maker & Company

The Lux Polo | ENRO Maker & CompanyHere at ENRO, we celebrate luxury performance and a tailored fit, so it is only natural that we recommend a high-performing pick from our casual brother brand,

The Do's & Don'ts For Cuffing Your Pants

The art of cuffing one’s pants is a craft many have questioned for years. When is it okay to cuff your pants and what settings is this style appropriate? Does this form of dress flatter or shatter

3 Ways To Wear A Plaid Shirt

Plaid has been a part of men’s dress code for many years. That’s right, even before hipster’s adopted them into their contemporary closets! Tartans were worn on the waists of Scottish men for

Five Style Mistakes Men Make In The Workplace

Investing in a suit and tie for the workplace is only half the battle. To truly look the part, it is important to consider the cut, length, and color of your 9 to 5 garments. Every office has its