A Style Tip for Today & Tomorrow

A Style Tip for Today & Tomorrow

January 15, 2019

Don't Be Fooled About Fashionability. Quality vs Quantity Always Wins.

Look into your closet what do you see? Most Men's closets have multiple brandeded shirts, few of those "it's just too good to pass up" deals, trendy or it was back then, and the special gifted shirt that will never be worn, but you kept it whatta do?

Looking at "Quantity Shirts" over what really should be "Quality Shirts" can be a puzzling question. So let's break this down.

First, let's separate the good from the bad. Make room and we'll call this our dump pile (or give away pile), and the good stuff will remain on hangers. After you've cleared the clutter and any shirts still on hangers...grab em' because we're going to step 2. Find a mirror and begin trying each one on. Judge hard and seriously ask yourself, "will this shirt match up to any style I like and does it create options?" If yes, along with the fact that it still fits your body comformity, then yeah it's a keeper. If the shirt once was and is no longer then please drop it like it's cold, because it aint hot.


After completing your shirt re-evaluation and seeing what mistakes you've actually made, have confidence you'll never do that again. Going forward let's take a look at tips you can use immediately. A) Consider shirts that are interchangeable. A good core of value is having white and blue dress shirts on hand as they are the backbone of most outfits. B) Keep a variety of shades that fall under blues, greens or reds, and small repeating patterns are fine. Remember that most professional men enjoy 99% of their clothing and find it enjoyable to wear.

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