A Dash of Dapper - The Pocket Square

A Dash of Dapper - The Pocket Square

September 30, 2017

A Dash of Dapper - The Pocket Square

When it comes to style, it's the littlest things that make a big difference. Take for instance, the humble pocket square. It's not just a small hanky stuffed in your chest pocket, it's a style accent. Here are few things to keep in mind when you decide to add a dash of dapper by going with a pocket square.


There are no rules with pocket square. It's more how you feel. If you pair one with your tie, then it should complement your shirt and tie, not mirror them. If you decide to go with a pocket square in-lieu of a tie, then it should match the broader aspect of what you are wearing - the color of your suit or sport coat and your shirt.


The same as you would with a tie or coat jacket, think seasons. For winter months and weighty jackets like flannels or tweeds, pick a pocket square in heavier weights like wool and cashmere. For summer suits, pick lighter fabrics like linen and cotton. For year-round, a 100% silk or a blend of silk/cotton will do the trick.


If you want to do white, then make sure the edges carry some color detailing for more added impact. But often, pick a contrasting color to stand out. Prints and geometric patterns are a great way to show your fun side. If you want to be a purist, then a simple white linen pocket square is your choice, think Don Draper or James Bond.


You shouldn’t just stuff it in your chest pocket, however, you don't need to practice pocket square origami either. You can simply fold it neatly in to a square…wait, is that why they call then pocket squares?...and place it neatly in your pocket, or you can fold it, and then fan it out in a way that it doesn't seem like you spent hours arranging it to look perfect, and above all, it shouldn't bulge your chest pocket. If it does, then you need to refold it.


Whether matching it with a suit and tie, or a sport coat and open collar shirt, don't fuss over it. It should show that you gave it some thought, but not too much thought.

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