7 Ways To Spend Less Money and Look Like You Earn More

7 Ways To Spend Less Money and Look Like You Earn More

September 9, 2016

7 Ways To Spend Less Money and Look Like You Earn More

If shopping were a women’s sport, then men would be left in the dust! According to Boutique @ Ogilvy a “poll of 1,232 men aged 18 and up found that they spent an average of $85 per month, compared to the average woman’s $75.” While there are many theories that support the results of this data, the bottom line is you’ve got to do better at getting the best bang for your buck.

Quality Over Quantity

Too much of anything is bad, especially when it is poorly made. When you cop out and buy a cheap shirt, your pockets suffer more than anything. Several low quality button-down shirts do not have the life-span of a single ENRO button-down. From garment finishing technology that grants your attire with an all-day crisp appearance to 30+ Protection from UVA and UVB rays, our E-LUXE technologies will provide your attire with a superior wear.

Dry Cleaning Dilemmas

When shopping for clothing, fabric content is a big factor to consider. Wool, taffeta, and acetate garments are going to need a lot more trips to your local dry cleaner than your cotton, polyester, and cashmere clothing. Dry clean only fabrics are also more susceptible to shrinkage, which isn’t much help when your cuffs meet your elbows (and it isn’t a roll-tab kind of button-down), catch my drift?

Limit Your Cycles

Grooming is a big part of our daily regime; a clean shaven face, signature cologne scent, and classic button-down shirt are all a part of our repertoire to being the perfect gent.But if you want your clothes to last you for the long haul, then excessive washing is not the way to go. Rather than throwing your clothes into your hamper after a single wear, let them air out and wear them once more. Jeans and sweaters can especially be worn a couple of times before being greeted with soap and suds. Invest in a lint roller, spot cleaner, and deodorant instead in between washing cycles.

Timing Is Everything

Think about it, you mostly shell out for clothing when it is a necessity. From vacation travels to your best bud’s wedding day, what if you could plan out the perfect time to buy much needed attire at the lowest prices possible? Take note of your favorite retailers’ sales events or go shopping for goods on the right days. Historically, Tuesdays are the best days to go shopping for men’s apparel. If you shop online, you will find an average of a 42% discount on your favorite threads. Buying off season is another technique to add to your skill set.

Get Fit

While a good workout routine can cut medical expenses, that isn’t the type of fit we have in mind. Our ENRO selection carries a variety of sizes to make you look polished and feel confident. From traditional sizes to Big & Tall sizes, we understand the importance of finding a store that caters to your body type. Investing in a tailor is all well and good, but running to an avid sewer to edit every piece of cloth can become a costly activity. Plus, playing the guessing game and trying to learn if a store can provide the perfect fit is as tedious and stressful as it sounds.

Mix It Up

Your clothes have way more potential then you could have ever guessed. Experiment with your wardrobe by creating different combinations. If your office mate can foresee your outfit forecast, then perhaps wearing the Beverly Queens Oxford Solid Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar in Soft Blue and Flat Front Performance Non-Iron Cotton Khaki Pant can use a refresher. Instead wear the Tailored Fit-Marcus Check Dress Shirt With ENRO Spread Collar and a cardigan to revive those tried and true khakis.

Hold It Together

Once you make the conscious decision to invest in quality over quantity, do all you can to keep them forever (which won’t take much maintenance). It’s all in the details, so be sure to save all of your buttons. There is nothing worse than putting a perfectly good button-down at the back of your closet because you cannot find a replacement. Another great practice is reinforcing your hems when they began to look worn and torn. Don’t let a good pair of pants go to waste because of unkempt bottoms.

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