6 Celebs Who Brought Back The Bow Tie​

6 Celebs Who Brought Back The Bow Tie​

June 23, 2016

6 Celebs Who Brought Back The Bow Tie

The bow tie exudes an elegance that has been infused in men’s fashion for many years. Its gentility creates a poised aesthetic that smartens up your suit for special occasions and other praise-worthy events. Though it may not be as popular as the traditional long tie, stylish celebrities are finding inventive ways to wear the bow tie and bring it back! Have a look at how bow ties are being sported from the red carpet to other notable engagements.

George Clooney

Forever the genteel man and loyal bow tie wearer, George Clooney, greets his spectators with a black bow tie, white button-down with contrast buttons, and a majestic tuxedo jacket. A style icon to many, he dresses the part with a timeless black and white, charisma, and admirable confidence. Oh, and a full mane of grey hair also does the trick!

Henry Cavill

If ever, there was a death of the bow tie, Superman revived the trend at his red carpet appearance! Hollywood actor, Henry Cavill, worked the room in a spiffy bow tie at the British Academy of Film and Television of Arts annual ceremony. Coupled with a white pocket square, his bow tie completed a classic look.

Ben Affleck

He’s got the blues! Choosing the less traveled path, actor Ben Affleck, sported a navy bow tie with a matching blazer. For a show-stopping effect, switch up the script by swapping out your standard black tie.

Pharrell Williams

Musical genius, Pharrell Williams, made a bold statement in an eclectic tuxedo jacket with a satin bow tie and matching lapels. Tailored for special events, the “Happy” star got spruced up with black slacks to balance out his print heavy mix.

Tom Hardy

Ditching the traditional black tux, Tom Hardy went against the grain by wearing a khaki trench coat, a porcelain white shirt, and black bow tie. Adding a different outer layer to your suit can work in your favor for a dapper look.

Taye Diggs

Another style trailblazer and actor, Taye Diggs, puts old school style back on the map. His love for plaids, oversized reading glasses, newsboy hats, and bow ties give “grandpa style” a hip twist. A checked bow tie, striped button-down, and gray sports jacket makes a smart and snazzy statement.