5 Style Mistakes Men Make In The Workplace

Five Style Mistakes Men Make In The Workplace

September 20, 2016

Five Style Mistakes Men Make In The Workplace

Investing in a suit and tie for the workplace is only half the battle. To truly look the part, it is important to consider the cut, length, and color of your 9 to 5 garments. Every office has its style guru who looks like he was a former GQ model. If you can’t say you’re that guy, then it’s time to check out the common fashion mistakes men make when on the clock and how to avoid them.

1.Crinkled, Wrinkled Shirts

It may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the most common mistakes men make in the workplace are wearing wrinkled shirts. Whether the wrinkles in your shirt are going unnoticed or you just can’t seem to properly get them out, it is time to invest in some non-iron shirts for your work uniform.

Our non-iron dress shirts are made with Six Patented E-Luxe Performance Technologies that offers Non-Iron Technology, stain release finish, 100% cotton yarns, breathability, and sun protection to keep you on your A-game. From Oxford stripes to multi-checks to timeless solids, you will never tire of our diverse selection.

2.Wrong Tie Length

The golden rule for tie length is that your neck tie must reach your belt buckle or waistband. This length ensures that your outfit is neat and well suited for work and all other settings. If your tie length surpasses this length or falls too short, then you are in trouble.

Although stars like George Clooney have been spotted sporting their neckwear past the belt buckle, we advise you to stick to traditional laws of style. Unless you are a celebrity or fashion aficionado, a tie worn too long gives you a sloppy appearance. Ultimately a sloppy appearance translates to a lack of care for your work. If your tie falls above your waistband, you will look like you took a shopping trip in the children’s section. Note to self: when you wear a bow tie, doors open!

3.Overworked Patterns

Plaids and stripes are becoming signature patterns in the workplace. As striking and on-trend as patterns may be, wearing them all at once will make you look like an amateur. A safe bet is delegating one pattern per your working uniform. Our Pinpoint Bengal Stripe Oxford Dress Shirt With Button Down Collar worn with a Solid Tie is a healthy balance.

An alternative to wearing a patterns is opting for a pattern tie and solid shirt instead. When donning this combination, it is important to pay attention to color and detail. Our essentials collection consists of many solid styles that are perfect to pair with pattern ties. The Pinpoint Solid Oxford Dress Shirt With Button Down Collar in Soft Blue and the Alternating Circles Tie In Blue are a handsome amalgam of patterns and solids.

4.Extended Deadlines and Hemlines

The length of your pants is a dead giveaway that you do not know what you are doing fashion wise. You never want to look like you are swimming in your trousers. How can you tell? Suit pants with too much break have more than a single fold in its pant leg. Another indicator that your pants are too long is when your seams begin to fray. It’s safe to say that if you find your heels stepping on excess fabric, then it is time to pay your tailor a visit.

So, what is the ideal pant length you ask? One that falls a little over your shoes and only possesses one fold. This is identified as a medium break and is your safest bet. Our Pleated Front Sublima Twist Non-Iron Performance Dress Pant will give you all of the elements needed to command the room. If your office has a casual corporate culture, then our Flat Front Performance Non-Iron Cotton Khaki Pant is a matchless selection for boardroom attire.

5.Belt and Shoe Disconnect

Gentleman’s Style 101, always match your belt to your shoe color. Of course they don’t have to be identical hues, but they should be pretty darn close. A rich brown belt paired with chocolate hued shoes will tie your entire ensemble together. Matching your belt and shoes creates a classic synergy that is essential for the work place.

While we are on the topic of shoes, the competition between wearing rubber soles versus leather soles in your headquarters… Leather always wins the race! Leather sole shoes are the embodiment of power, poise, and professionalism. You always want to but your best foot forward, and wearing rubber soles will take you back a few steps.