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Sweater Weather

By ENRO Shirts January 14, 2017 No comments

Since it's January, let’s talk about sweaters. Specifically, the types of styles and fabrics in which they come. For sweater fabrics, you should be looking at three types; cashmere or cashmere blend, wool, and cotton....


By ENRO Shirts December 30, 2016 No comments

Now that the winter months are here, and New Year's Eve is right around the corner, remember to always keep some lip balm handy. Actually it isn't just in the winter. Dry, cracked lips can happen anytime. Not only do they hurt, they don’t look so great either. Three things to keep in mind next time you go to buy some....

​The proper way to pack a suit for a business trip

By ENRO Shirts December 16, 2016 No comments

Packing for the overnight client meeting? Don't want to show up looking like you just wrestled a bear in your suit? Here's how to pack your bag to look your best.

Five Tips For Big & Tall Men

By ENRO Shirts December 2, 2016 No comments

As a Big & Tall man, your shopping experience can present many obstacles. What should be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, can easily turn into a stressful and tedious chore. You find yourself settling on clothes that do not truly fit you or end up spending too.....

Shirt Collars and Cuffs, Explained

By ENRO Shirts November 18, 2016 No comments

Does your daily outfit feel like a uniform? Can you get dressed in your sleep? Do you always receive the same shirt as a gift? (There is such a thing as being too easy to shop for!) If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you’re ready for a whole new outlook on.....

What's the Difference Between Khakis & Chinos

By ENRo Shirts November 11, 2016 No comments
Do you call then chinos? Or khakis?

These two terms for everyone’s favorite casual pant have become interchangeable. But it wasn’t always this way.

The term chino derives from a fabric type made in China and prized by the U.S. military because it met a few important uniform requirements. It was sturdy, comfortable, cool and able to camouflage in sandy locales.....

True Blue Classic Picks To Wear

By ENRO Shirts November 4, 2016 No comments

The color blue symbolizes confidence, strength, wisdom, and even authority. No one can resist its notable allure and calming effect. No wonder this color is the most favored amongst men and women. A reflection of the sky and mirror of majestic oceans.....